Beard Wash, Invented Right Here

Posted by Paul Kaniewski on Sep 16th 2019

Beard Wash, Invented Right Here

The Original — Seriously

Our customers might not know this, but Bluebeards Original is actually the first company in the world to ever make and market a product known as "beard wash".   Beard Wash was invented by us, way back in the early aughts to be something that was less harsh on the skin than a regular hair shampoo, but also strong enough to handle the coarse facial hair that comprises a beard.

Neither Soap Nor Shampoo

This was done through a lot of trial and error, but the result was—especially for its time—a one of a kind product that finally gave bearded men what they needed. We coined the term "beard wash" when we realized it was neither a soap nor a shampoo.  Since then many companies have tried to imitate us—some have even asked us to produce their line of beard washes for them under a private label—but Bluebeards Original has always declined. Bluebeards Beard Wash is small batch produced and we are proud to only label it with our logo.

No Flavor of the Month

We offer Original (or the larger Extra Conditioning variety), Unscented, and Fresh Mint. Why only 3 types of Beard Wash?

While we are always looking to add another product that fills a customer need, none of our washes contain anything artificial. When we use "lime" scent, it's not just a fragrance. Our Original Beard Wash contains actual lime extract, which helps clean the beard and stimulate the skin. The same holds true with all of our all of our products.

Try Us

If you haven't tried Bluebeards Beard Wash before, we guarantee you will be pleased, or your money back!