Costume Ideas For The Bearded Man 2019

Oct 25th 2019

Costume Ideas For The Bearded Man 2019

Got a costume party coming or you just want to look cool with the kids on Halloween?  Bluebeards Original is here with some great costume ideas!

Bearded Captain America

If you can pull it off, Bearded Captain American is surefire hit. Bearded Cap is easier than the earlier incarnation, because once he gets all dark and gritty and off the grid, you can fudge the costume by wearing dark cloths and just going "tactical" over "spandex hero." And if you're the only one at the party in costume, you can play it off like you always dress like a brooding commando.

The Last Minute Option

For the non-photogenic fella who forgot a costume but has a pen handy: scribble a bunch of nonsense on your face and say you're this guy.

Fat Thor

When Thor put on all that weight in Endgame he became much more relatable. We almost sort of knew this guy. Wait. Isn't he the BIGGER Lebowski? Whatever the case, you can go shirtless, if you're bold and can pull it off, or throw on a robe (especially if it's chilly). Chips and dip optional, but they'll make you more popular at the party.

Trick or Treat for Two

For the bearded gent and his mustachioed pal: you can always be Cheech and Chong. Lots of clothing options here, but the red bandana for Tommy Chong and the beanie for Cheech Marin will make things easier to sell. You know what else works? Comically enormous prop reefers.

The Dirty Old Man

If you don't know Master Roshi, we don't know what to tell you, but be careful trying to watch Dragonball around your kids when Master Roshi has his eyes on Bulma. How did they ever let kids watch this show? This "Turtle Hermit" and "God of Martial Arts" is pretty aptly described by the Dragonball wiki as "a hermit and a pervert." You can dress like him, but try not to act too much like him. Nobody wants that guy at the party.