Posted by Bluebeards Original on Oct 1st 2015

Grooming Expert: Letterman Could Use a Little Beard Saver

The NYPost has it’s finger on the pulse of the nation, and they know that everyone wants to know, namely, what’s up with David Letterman’s beard?

Photos: Ron Asadorian & CBS

We’re sure you know what’s up: beards are awesome. They’re natural and manly. They’re part of who you are, and shaving them is a constraint that a retired guy is happy to cast off. Growing a beard is liberating, and it just feels good.

But anything good needs to be taken care of. You wouldn’t run your bike into the ground or store a bottle of Scotch on a windowsill. So treat your beard right, too. Right?

That’s the advice Michael Gilman, founder of the Grooming Lounge, has for Letterman. A man after our own hearts, his advice not only sounds like our motto (“Don’t shave it. Maintain it”), but he specifically recommends Bluebeards Original:


Gilman recommends rubbing a beard cream through the stubble — his pick is Bluebeard’s Beard Saver. He says the tried-and-true product helps rid skin of itchiness and tames curls — and it’s got an amazing lime scent to boot. “If he just worked that through, it would bring all those wispy things down,” says Gilman.

So now we can add another publication to our list: “Bluebeards Original, As Seen in the New York Post.” There’s more good advice about beard grooming, so be sure to read the whole thing.

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