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Halloween Costumes for the Bearded Man 2015

For the second year in a row we are going to give you bearded and mustached fiends out there some costume ideas. Let’s kick things off with one that’s really appropriate for Halloween.

Scary Beard Costume


Captain Spaulding

The look of this demented fellow from Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses  is as easy as slapping on some red, white and blue greasepaint and a dirty shirt. But to really put it over the top find an enormous bow tie and a tiny stars and stripes top hat, and throw in some nasty yellowed chompers for good measure.

80s Costume Beard Costume


Mr. T

Who doesn’t love an 80s flashback costume? Is Mr.T an actual man or a character?  Who knows? But we love him and you know we pity the fool who doesn’t wear a ton of gold chains when playing him. Extra credit for going full Mohawk and really committing to the character.

Fantasy Beard Costume


Albus Dumbledore

Let the pretty boys don their glasses and play Harry Potter: we know the real deal of the wizarding world is Dumbledore. A wand and robe can complete the outfit of the great wizard but you do need a really long beard to pull this one off and one that is not too coarse so you better start using some Bluebeards Original Wonder Beard. You might want to be sure to wear a funky hat, not the long pointy ones or people will think your Gandalf

Obscure But Creative Beard Costume


Bob Ross

Bob Ross was that dude who taught landscape painting on PBS for decades. Grab an afro wig, jean shirt and paint set and you pretty much have the Bob Ross look down. You can turn this into a killer couples costume by having your significant other go as a canvas painting.

Stubble Beard Costume


Jack Burton “Big Trouble in Little China”

Shake the pillars of Heaven and walk into the party announcing “Everybody Relax, I’m here” as you don your funky tank top and acid wash jeans. Bonus points for smeared red lipstick. Last year we suggested another BTLC character Lo Pan and this year we are suggesting hero Jack Burton. Even if you are currently sans beard you can be ready in a day or two with some stubble to get Jack’s look and if the itch of growing it is holding you up…grab Beard Saver to relieve it because you know what ol’ Jack always says “What The Hell”

Lazy Beard Costume


Al Borland from Home Improvement

Put on a tool belt and flannel shirt and your good to go as Al Borland from the 90s TV Show Home Improvement. What’s that you say, too dated a costume and reference, with little nostalgic love? Hey this is the Lazy Guy’s Bearded costume not the cosplay guy’s so don’t expect much.

For your non-bearded friends


Stevie AKA Cherry Blossom from Eastbound and Down

For your beardless buddies, tell them to borrow their mom’s kimono and put on the geisha makeup and go as that lovable character Stevie, from his Cherry Blossom turn on Eastbound and Down.

Or be a real friend and get ’em some Bluebeards Original!


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