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Halloween Costumes for the Bearded Man



The inimitable villain from Big Trouble in Little China. If your lady has green eyes or bears a passing resemblance to Kim Cattrall or Suzee Pai, all the better.

What you’ll need:

  1. Extra long press-on nails (white)
  2. Eye makeup (enlist a woman’s help, guy)
  3. A silk robe (best if modified by you or a talented friend)
  4. A homemade hat

For the beard:

Lo Pan seems like a fresh mint kind of guy. Take your pick of the Beard Wash or Conditioner, or treat yourself (and your beard) to a Beard Duo or Beard Trio.

The hat is the craftiest bit, but you should be able to make a pretty good copy with a decent cardboard base, black construction paper, and gold Washi tape.

Bonus points: a prop switchblade stuck to your forehead.

You’re on your own for the glowing eyes and the beam of mouth light. Be on the lookout for any big talking truck drivers in tank tops or you may have a bad time.



This is the easiest costume to pull off if you’ve got the body for it and don’t mind showing it off. (You may also get cold, so consider an overcoat till you get to the party.)

What you’ll need:

  1. A wrestling singlet or short shorts.
  2. A 2 x 4
  3. Crazy eyes
  4. An American flag

For the beard:

For an American original like Hacksaw, we’d recommend our Esquire “Best of Grooming” award winner,Bluebeards Original Beard Wash.

Now when you wave that flag, we want to hear you say, “HOOOOO!”



The usual costume you see here is an oversized, full-body suit with your face hidden somewhere in the hair. But wouldn’t it be better to recreate the floating head with your own beard? If you have the skills to create a homemade “helmet,” it’ll be well worth it. The details are up to you, but here are some suggestions.

What you’ll need:

  1. A french fry box helmet (e.g., red cardboard affixed to a bike helmet, with upholstery foam cut and painted yellow for the french fries)
  2. Black clothes, including a turtleneck
  3. Red face paint (for whatever your homemade helmet doesn’t cover

For the beard:

Keep things smooth with one of our beard lotions or conditioners.

If you can pull that off, you’ll be on top (“rock you like a cop”).



A decent taupe bathrobe and a pair of Wayfarers would really tie this one together. Actually, there are two ways to go.

What you’ll need (both versions):

  1. A wig if you haven’t got the locks
  2. Wayfarers or similar sunglasses

What you’ll need (version 1):

  1. A bathrobe
  2. Plaid shorts
  3. A v-neck t-shirt
  4. Flip-flops or sandals

What you’ll need (version 2):

  1. A shawl-collar cardigan (with a subtle Navajo pattern if possible)
  2. A faded purple v-neck shirt
  3. Crazy, patterned pajama bottoms
  4. White sneakers (or bowling shoes, if you can get ‘em)

For the Beard:

Let’s not complicate things and go with the unscented Beard Saver, alright man?

Whichever way you, count yourself among the urban achievers.



Whether you’re planning to don a trench coat (“Omar comin’!”) or a make-shift necktie,(“I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase.”), it’s all in the game, baby

What you’ll need:

  1. Black do-rag
  2. Dark olive or brown trench coat
  3. Black or navy vest (the more it looks like a flak jacket the better); alternatively, you could wear a hoodie, as he sometimes does.
  4. Loose-fitting jeans
  5. Scar make-up
  6. Optional: A trash bag or a duffle bag to collect your candy haul

Maybe leave the toy shotgun at home for this one.

For the beard:

We recommend the product that started it all: our leave in conditioner, Bluebeards Original Beard Saver.

Now, if you’re trick-or-treating, be discerning, ‘cause it ain’t what you takin’, it’s who you takin’ from, ya feel me?



If you’ve got the beard and the size to pull it off, this could be the right costume for you. The famed producer has worked with everyone from Johnny Cash to Jay-Z, the Beastie Boys to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

What you’ll need:

  1. An oversized white t-shirt
  2. Black sunglasses (wide and pointy is best)
  3. Shorts or khakis
  4. Optional: A flannel shirt (open) and/or a big plaid scarf

For the beard:

A beard this epic needs a hero, and we’ve got one in Wonder Beard Intensive Beard Repair.

Now surround yourself with an eclectic mix of talented people and you’re good to go.

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