How to Grow Chops Like a Rock God

Posted by Bluebeards Original on Feb 25th 2016

How to Grow Chops Like a Rock God

With the recent passing of Mr. Motörhead himself, Lemmy Kilmister, we got to thinking the world could use some more mutton chop beards and other beard and ‘burns styles of the past. If you’re thinking about trying one of these styles for yourself, we have some advice. Not the paint-by-numbers kind. Just some good, sensible advice on how to get started, how to work your way to your own look, and how to keep it looking right once you find it.

Step 1: Prepare the Canvas

This work of art starts with a beard. You’re going to want to grow this one out for about two weeks. It may not be very long, but sometimes a little stubble is all you need to get this look going.

Why grow it out? Why not just grow the ‘burns and shave the rest of your face? Because the full beard is like a blank canvas. It’s something you work with and shape as you figure out just how you want your chops to look, and what works best with your face.

Commit to a shape too early, and you not only risk settling on the wrong look, but you may end up with less natural lines. To assist the growing out period, use any of our Bluebeards Original Savers to ease the itch and soften your stubble.

Neil Young
Neil Young knows that rust never sleeps, and mutton chops will never die.

Step 2: Shape the Chops

Now it’s time to grab your razor and sculpt your chops.  Go big at first, by which we mean shave less than you think you should. The more you shave, the smaller your chops, and the fewer your options for adjusting the look. But have fun with it, and remember: facial hair will grow back, so do what you want!

The Brothers Gallagher
Definitely Maybe sideburns on those raucous Gallagher boys.

Step 3:  Maintain the Chops

You can start to grow these bad boys out as thick or as stubbly and you like.  You are going to want to keep them clean and moisturized so use our Beard Washes and Beard Conditioners to keep them feeling good and looking good, whether you end up keeping the full chops look or opt to maintain a nice set of sideburns.

Prince keeps it as tight as his rhythm section.

We’d love to see what you do with your chops, so hit us up on Facebook and let us have a look.