Posted by Bluebeards Original on Jun 19th 2014

Join Great Men in History and Grow a Beard

Some of the best men in history have had beards: Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Sophocles and for the trendy crowd: Chuck Norris, Wolverine, and George Clooney. Bearded or scruffy-faced guys appear to be most easygoing and laid-back. Whether you realize it or not, how you wear your facial hair says a lot about you:

The full beard which most people associate with older men or historical figures, seem to be a bit old-fashion, the goatee, the scruffy/stubble which gives your that that kind of Esquire or GQ look or the classic mustache or soul patch which is kind of hippie. The point of it all is that every guy should want his facial hair to reflect him and his style because ultimately it’s sending a message regardless.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for that GQ or old-fashion look, beard maintenance is what takes your beard to the next level. Bluebeards Original has your created every beard care product that you need to get there. From beard lotions, conditioners, shampoo, you name it Bluebeards has the perfect beard-saving sets to give you that look and feel your going for.

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